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5 Tricks of the Trade Show

The Emphasis team have been working on a lot of  international industry exhibitions and trade show projects with our clients. It’s fair to say that we’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly over the years. With marketing and events managers currently planning this years exhibitions such as Offshore Technology Conference, All Energy and Offshore Europe, and with events budgets continually being squeezed we wanted to share five tips to avoid at energy and technology events.

1. The 90’s called, they want their booth back…

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It’s all about upping your game; you don’t want your stand to be made up of a few posters and a battered display that will ‘just have to do’. Yet so many companies don’t make the most of the opportunities that exhibitions offer. Consider investing in an integrated creative campaign at your next show and develop a trade show stand that compliments your latest product or technical story. Keep your stand tidy, and make it interactive. Think of original and compelling ways to increase footfall.

2. Pens, pens, pens and no paper to write on

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Sweets, brochures and pens – you can definitely do better than that. Don’t get me wrong, we all love a sugar fix, but the same promotional giveaway around every corner certainly doesn’t promote original thinking. Unless you have a questionnaire that needs filling out, ditch those pens and try to think of something a little more creative and memorable that actually reflects the product or service you’re offering. Can you achieve this and also reduce your environmental impact? Cut down on paper marketing materials and consider environmentally friendly giveaways. Try offering a personalised USB or an interactive PDF instead.

3. The booth is definitely not the limit!


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It’s really not. With numbers at events like Offshore Technology Conference in Houston reaching nearly 110,000 in 2014, there are plenty of interactive talks to attend both on and off the exhibition floor, dinners, breakfasts and even music festivals. This means that there are plenty of new opportunities to network outside the show. Break away from the safety of your booth and see what else the exhibition has to offer, attend one of your client’s drinks parties or a technical conference. One word of warning, make sure you have enough people at the show, so often we see empty stands because someone’s nipped out to a meeting and a potential customer just walks on by.

4. You work in Energy, so have some!

If you want to make an impact on potential clients, you’ll need to have an energised team. Get your triple-shot-skinny-mocha-chino-lattes in before the day starts, and get out and generate a buzz. Make sure everyone has regular breaks and has an opportunity to walk the show floor. There’s nothing worse than small talk and robot responses, so ensure that the team are trained and enthusiastic about your product or service in order to provide as much information as possible on the benefits of your business.

5. And finally…Don’t put your feet up just yet!

After all your hard work preparing for the show, don’t lose sight of the reason you’ve been tearing your hair out for weeks – to generate leads. Gather as much information about your prospective clients as possible; use a badge scanner on your stand or even just plain old pen and paper to record who’s interested in what you do and why. Don’t leave it too late to follow up afterwards either, keep the momentum from the show. The show’s not over till you set a date.

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