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Marketing Consultants: The benefits of working more closely with your external agency

Ever considered getting to know your external marketing agency better via a secondment? In her latest blog our Operations Manager, Hannah Crossley, discusses secondments, their benefits, and some important points to consider.

Every company experiences its own natural peaks and troughs throughout the year with regards to workflow. During peak times, marketing teams – even those that outsource – can find themselves becoming stretched. Have you ever considered approaching your external marketing agency, to see if they could provide some in-house support to your marketing team?

Collaborating with your agency could provide you with a number of benefits:

  • Having someone from your agency working within your marketing team means that they will naturally gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of your company’s day-to-day routines and challenges. There’s nothing quite like experiencing something for yourself first-hand, and becoming part of your team will enable your agency to pass the experiences and knowledge they gain from their time with you, back on to their own team. This is an ongoing benefit that will strengthen the relationship that you have with your agency.
  • A new, (albeit temporary), addition can be a motivating force for a well-established team, that may have become over-stretched, or perhaps a little stagnant. A fresh pair of eyes often provides a completely different perspective, helping to evoke new ideas, introducing points and questions during meetings that might not have otherwise been considered.
  • The transferal of skill sets from company to company is an inevitable added benefit during a secondment – even if it’s something as simple as learning about a new trade show to attend. Sharing knowledge and experiences is great for building and developing relationships.

Here are some tips to consider if you’re considering setting up a secondment:

  • As with any marketing project, ensure at the start that what is expected from the secondee is clearly established and communicated to all parties to ensure you gain maximum ROI from the placement
  • Check your company’s insurance – are you covered for the agency to be working alongside your team, and are they?
  • Be prepared for them to thoroughly enjoy their time with you. They could enjoy working with you so much; they may not want to go back!

Have you ever been seconded, or had a full-time secondee working within your team? What did you take away from your experience? We’d be really interested to hear your thoughts on this subject.

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